Kaba exos sky

 Kaba exos®  sky Swiss quality for easy access control: 

  • Comprehensive security.
  • User-friendly operation.
  • Contactless access identification also integrated in the key.
  • Flexible, straightforward administration of persons and access rights.
  • Online monitoring of doors.
  • Automatic alarm signalling to external locations in emergencies.
  • Online blocking instead of cylinder replacement in case of key loss.
  • Safeguarding up to 32 doors and managing access rights for up to 1000 persons.
  • Elevator control over up to 16 floors.
  • Additional authorization check by PIN code or biometry in case of increased security requirements.
  • Controlled release of individual doors during office hours.
  • Graphical visualization of the door statuses on screen.
  • Online connection to the alarm system, direct arming by badge.
  • Logging and evaluating of staff movements within the building.
  • Startup with Plug and Play.
  • Simple, web-based operation with Microsoft® Internet Explorer via Intranet /Extranet.
  • Password-protected, function-oriented system access via existing office PCs – no additional computers and programs required.
  • Independent system access hub for the entire data management, control and communication.
  • Guaranteed availability – even when PCs are switched off.
  • Automatic data backup via e-mail.
  • Innovative technology with Swiss quality.
  • Regional consulting worldwide by authorized Kaba partners.
  • Cost-efficient planning, installation and startup.
  • Flexible expansion and conversion to large systems when your requirements grow.

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