Building Management System

We can help you integrate new and existing building systems - affordably. Your customized solution will simplify facility management and help your building become more cost-efficient, comfortable and safe.

The universe is expanding right inside your building. Each day, you’re challenged to manage multiple networks, systems and control components - without sacrificing efficiency, comfort, productivity or the flexibility to grow in the future.

Our engineers and technicians know how to bring all of your systems and controls together better than anyone, taking full advantage of leading open system standards such as BACnet and LonWorks. We consistently deliver customized building solutions of outstanding quality.

We take Building Management and Automatic Beyond the Traditional Boundaries by Intergrating:

  • HVAC systems
  • Lighting solutions
  • Utility monitoring
  • Security systems
  • Life Safety systems
  • Enterprise subsystems, including financial and personel records, environmental controls and data warehouses.